2Country4Nashville — REAL Country Music


Jo-el & LeAnne are bringing back songs that tell a story, vocals & harmonies that can deliver those stories, and the twang of guitars to drive them home…The way REAL Country Music used to be and will be again, and you can see and hear them LIVE at The Hunt Store Labor Day Weekend, Saturday, Sept. 2, from 5-8pm.

Jo-el & LeAnne Ulmer, the husband/wife duo known as “2Country4Nashville”, sing all your favorite traditional country music hits made famous by legends like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Patsy Cline, Roy Orbison, Buck Owens, and Conway & Loretta, plus write and perform their own songs as well. And Jo-el’s voice can sound amazingly like his legendary and living heroes of country music.

With a love story all of their own brought together by the untimely death of LeAnne’s late husband, who was also Jo-el’s best friend, the two have now been married for since 2001. They began singing together as “2Country4Nashville” a few years after they married.

Their duo name came about when they auditioned for the Nashville-based reality CMT country music competition, “Can You Duet” and were loved by the judges but were told they were actually just “too country” for the show. They decided to do a play-on-words since there were 2 of them, and from that, their name was coined. LeAnne is quick to mention that “it is not meant as a slam against Nashville….we love our city. We just play the style of music that is unfortunately not heard as much around Nashville today. We’re just striving to keep traditional style country music alive!”

Jo-el is hard to miss with his signature pompadour hairstyle and his handmade “Sparklecaster” bright orange guitar. You have to look closely to see that his guitar is aptly named “Freida” (not “Fender” as it may first appear) after LeAnne’s first name. “I learned that I could talk my wife into a new guitar by naming it after her. From now on, all my new guitars are going to be named “Freida”. Of course, LeAnne is a great completion to the duo with her matching sparkling orange tambourine, infectious smile, and fun personality!

Jo-el lives and breathes music, and his passion is paying off after he and LeAnne, a retired schoolteacher of 25 yrs, decided to get him off the road as a truck driver and give him a chance to sing and play for his supper! Whether they’re fronting the whole band, 2Country4Nashville, or singing as a duo, their energy on stage is contagious, singing the songs of the great country legends themselves (and sounding like them too!).   2Country4Nashville is bringing back REAL legendary Country Music.

LeAnne loves to support Jo-el’s passion for his music. “It thrills me to see him so happy and doing what he loves to do. In fact, it’s hard for me to get him to STOP singing…he loves it so much! But I love that about him and I’m just so happy I’m able to be a part of it with him!”

Their love and passion for one another are visible on and off stage, their eyes catch one another during a song, and you can just see their spark that they share! These two are also getting ready for their third stint entertaining on Carnival Cruise Lines, where their shows bring rave reviews. They played in front of over 100,000 people their last trip.

The duo is currently coming to Hunt on the tour that started in Nashville, wound up into Ohio, Delaware, and New York and is now working their way to Texas. It is a career built on persistence.

If you are looking for some wonderful traditional country music, fun, and a great chance to dance, be at The Hunt Store, Saturday Sept.2, from 5-8 PM.

Bring your family, bring your friends, and don’t miss 2Country4Nashville!

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