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Art Lovers Should Try These Things in the Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country is revered for its natural beauty and plethora of things to offer to the traveler. It is a place where people enjoy country music concerts, grab some tasty BBQ, hike complicated trails, enjoy a swim session in the spring-fed pools, visit the historical places etc. Basically, it has something for everyone and is a convenient place to plan your Christmas vacation. Let us check out some of the places that art lovers should visit when in The Texas Hill Country.

Things To Do In The Texas Hill Country For All Art Lovers:

Check the architectural beauty – Those who are fond of ancient architectural wonders should check out places like St. Mary’s Cathedral from 1884, The Driskill Hotel – a building made in the 19th century, Bremond Block Historic District and the University of Texas Tower as all these buildings give away the historic beauty of the place. These historic structures would take you into another world and are worth taking pictures. So, check them out!

Visit the HOPE outdoor gallery – If you are fond of visiting art galleries then nothing matches like the HOPE Outdoor gallery. The entire community park is full of vivid graffiti made by the local artists and you can observe their vision. It is wonderful to watch the local artwork and how it generates a kaleidoscopic view. The artists would love the soul of this place which is all about raw art and never seen before designs.

Watch the Cathedral of Junk – Well, as the name suggests this Cathedral is made up of all kinds of junk. It is actually an architectural wonder which can be observed for the finesse of a three-story tower, beautifully crafted ceiling, ascending stairways and building blocks that speak of strength, creativity, and artistic vision. You will surely love it and take some quick snaps of this visibly unique and structurally out-of-the-box building.

To sum it up, these are some of the best places to visit in the Texas Hill Country especially for those who are artists at heart. The places would give you another dimension of art and would certainly create warm memories.

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