Medina River

Places to Stay in Texas Hill Country

You just got to love the South. The fact that they are rich in culture means that you just opened yourself to a whole new set of experience. Forget about looking for parks, because even if there were one, you just wouldn’t be able to ignore those tempting mountains—especially if you are in Texas Hill Country.

This place is the crown jewel of the State. It is located near the breathtaking Edwards Plateau and just about near Austin and San Antonio. Other than the finest travel sites of the place, you will find yourself immersed with its colorful traditions, hospitality, and of course, their best tasting cuisine.

Places to Stay in Texas Hill Country


If you must know, this simple town is greatly influenced by the Germans. It is pretty obvious considering the name of the town, too. Fredericksburg is quite rich in history, which made the town even more beautiful and charming.

This is why it is not surprising that such town has managed to lure in not just the locals but also the tourists to explore its hidden treasures. Tourists often find themselves wandering around the town and just taking in the quaint elegance that it has to offer.


If you want to get in touch with nature, Wimberley is the place to be. Surrounded by oaks and greens, its idle atmosphere makes the place a stress reliever and just great to unwind for anybody who is in dire need to be away from the city.

They can go and check out the well-known Blue Hole Regional Park as well as the stretches of clear water of Jacob’s Well. Or, if they still have the time, they should go and check Devil’s Backbone to appreciate the town’s scenery.

Dripping Springs

When you’re in the mood to go for a swim, you may try going to Dripping Springs. The name itself is enticing as it has clear and fresh water. Other than the breathtaking creeks and springs, stunning landscapes and amazing mountaintops also surround it. Furthermore, you can also choose to go hiking if you are up to more challenging activities.

places to stay in texas hill country

Medina River

You can’t possibly ignore the Medina River once you’re in Texas Hill Country as it is considered as one of the most beautiful rivers in the State. This is why many tourists find their time to catch a glimpse of the river.

Once you are in this place, you would find it so hard to leave for its lovely canals has the power to make you stay. Furthermore, you can also go for a kayak if the flow of water is stable and good enough to make your kayaking enjoyable.

Truly, you can never run out of things to do in Texas Hill Country. It captivates you to maximize your stay and enjoy the little vacation you have. But once you’re there, don’t forget to try out their barbecue and apple pie. Trust me, they are worth to die for.