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Best Places For Winter Vacation Near Hunt Texas – Must Know!

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With winter around the corner, everyone is busy planning a superb vacation. People of Hunt, Texas have many options to explore including pristine hills of the Texas Hill Country to the urban celebrations of holiday light trails. As the place has an abundance of natural beauty, one can select the best place to suit the family and enjoy a good holiday near Hunt, Texas.

Top 5 Winter Holiday Destinations Near Hunt Texas:

San Antonio – Well, if you want to enjoy winter holiday celebrations to the fullest then nothing matches the spirit of San Antonio. During winter holidays, the River Walk is lit starting from the day of Thanksgiving to the New Year day. The display of lights is never seen before and you would have a great time watching the light trail during winters in San Antonio.

Dallas – It is the place to experience the White Christmas as it witnesses maximum snow than any other winter holiday destination near Hunt Texas. The city of Dallas has the biggest holiday parades and gives world-class shopping experience. It is the best place for ice skating and showcases some of the most exquisite parades of lights. The decorations are worth taking pictures of as every frame in Dallas looks mesmerizing during winters.

Austin – This is a place with maximum outdoor activities for the adventurous souls. In addition, the city has spellbinding scenic beauty and the warm temperatures allow for outdoor activities during the winter times. Hiking, bird watching, kayaking, fishing, rock climbing and many other adventure activities happen in Austin and it is always a part of the list of best places to visit in the Texas Hill Country.

El Paso – The Westernmost city of Texas has many parks, football games and scenic beauty to capture during the winter season. Bowl college football game, Hueco Tanks State Park and hiking around the winter landscapes can be done best at the El Paso. Kids would love the oldest pictographs giving a sneak peak at history in El Paso.

Houston – This place is worth visiting for its elaborate lighting during winters. There are many areas which are lit during the cold season, starting from Thanksgiving to New Years. It is also considered the best shopping destination across Texas and people can grab some exciting holiday discounts in Houston.

These are the top five winter holiday destinations near Hunt Texas. Plan a vacation with family, kids and friends but make sure you research and make an itinerary that gives you the best experience.

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