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A Brief about Hunt Texas and How Hunt Store Is a Landmark Here

Many may not know but the area called Hunt, TX was actually a piece of property purchased by Alva and Lizzie Joy in 1912 and they named it after the original owner Robert Hunt. It was a scarcely populated place but soon groups of people started migrating to this place. By 1913, the place had a post office set up by the efforts of Alva Joy and by 1930 an independent district school was developed in the Hunt Texas area.

Hunt Texas

Soon Hunt Texas started attracting kids and adults for summer camps, corporate retreats, game zones and thus, Hunt started gathering a small yet united community of people. One of the landmark places is the Hunt Store which is one of the oldest eateries and hang out places here. However, it hosts many community events and has thus, become a spot of attraction for many.

The Hunt Store is a combo of the Hunt Cafe, grocery store, Friday night music destination and a restaurant with a music venue in Hunt Texas. It is considered as the best restaurant in Hunt Texas and is a weekend getaway for many urban people. You need bookings for summer weekends or Sunday brunch time meals.

In addition to the Hunt Store, it is the Guadalupe River that acts as the biggest attraction for tourists. They can dip into the swimming hole, which is the perfect solution for scorching summer times of Hunt, Texas. Kayaking and Canoeing on the river are other activities that people look forward to while in Hunt.

Well, the Hunt has little to attract but more to connect with the people. The homeowners participate in various community activities and thus, form a strong social group.

If you want a wine, dine and music experience then go to the Hunt Store and have a great time. You can try the Hunt Store menu with many delicacies and enjoy live music events on discounted fee. To know more about the upcoming events, connect with us at