the best tourist spots in texas cities

Central Texas Cities That You Should Visit

Have you thought of travelling to Texas for your next vacation?

Texas is the second largest state in America and a place with many different cultures.

Each city in Texas has a unique signature in terms of geography, economy, lifestyle and culture, so visit the different central Texas cities on your next vacation.

Aside from the big cities of Austin, Houston, and Dallas, if you plan on a vacation to Texas, visit the wonderful Central Texas cities and regions and never miss the fun and scenic experiences you will witness in the different counties of the beautiful state of Texas.

What are the most beautiful cities in central Texas that tourists should visit?

the best central texas cities

What Are The Most Beautiful Cities in Central Texas?


Jefferson’s historic places and its many recreational activities are what draw tourists to this Texas Hill Country town. Go sightseeing on lake tours with paddleboats. Jefferson also hosts annual events such as the Barbecue Cook-off and Holiday Light Trails, both are fun and recreational activities which draw huge crowds. You can also enjoy horse-drawn carriages, ghost tours, and antique shopping in Jefferson.


Located in the south central Texas Hill Country, Hunt is a beautiful town of hills, rivers and lakes. The north and south forks of the Guadalupe River offers up wonderful scenery, which is perfect for camping and outdoor recreation. Take a stroll in the surrounding villages, stay at the many resorts, rent a home by the river, or even build a campfire and stargaze. Enjoy the relaxing view and ambiance of the clean, safe and historic small town of Hunt.


Fredericksburg is one of the most popular cities in the Texas Hill Country, and was founded by Prince Frederick of Prussia in 1846. Historic Fredericksburg is part of the National Register of Historic Places in Texas. You will find great museums such as the National Museum of the Pacific War and the Pioneer Museum. Take a stroll down the historic district and dine in some of the excellent restaurants. Finally, visit the formation of pink granite pluton rock at the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.


If you are into arts and crafts, go to Wimberley. You will find a lot of shops that sell handmade products, crafts, paintings, and other forms of artwork. Additionally, seeing the many local restaurants, cafes and bakeries makes you see that Wimberley is a small colony of artists showcasing their mastery in their crafts in this small town. Also, if you want to go swimming, don’t miss the fresh waters of Blue Hole and Jacob’s Well.

Bring Your Map and Navigate Central Texas Cities

There are many other smaller towns in the Texas Hill Country that you can include on your list. You may also want to check out the safest towns in the country. Create your own list of places to go in central Texas using the maps that you have.

the best tourist spots in texas cities

Visit the Texas Hill Country

Visit the most beautiful cities in central Texas and experience a new world where residents are happy to live in the area. Ask for directions if you are lost. Take photos, and make your Texas Hill Country vacation a memorable experience.