Air Force Commemorative Exhibit

Central Texas Tourist Attractions That You Will Surely Appreciate

Are you looking to go to famous Central Texas tourist attractions? Will it be a first for you?

Then you found the right place to start your trip.

Here are some gems that are located right in the geographical middle of America’s Lone Star State.

Texas State Capitol

This imposing and grand seat of power, history, and politics in Central Texas makes for an amazing tourist attraction because of its physical design and the long history and continuous story that it recounts every time a visitor lays eyes on the Texas State Capitol.

The grounds of the Texas State Capitol serve as the residence of several monuments commemorating, celebrating and honoring the State’s war heroes whose names are forever etched not only on the monuments’ tablet inscriptions but as well in the heart and mind of every Texan who has value and regard for history and how it brought him to this current day.

Dick's Classic Garage Car MuseumAlso housed in the Texas State Capitol, despite its rather commanding stance, is its huge share and contribution of art in the name of Capitol Art. The Capitol Art astounds thousands over thousands of tourists with its numerous portraits of influential politicians hanging on its walls.

It is also where you find the Great Seal of the Republic of Texas in commemoration of its decades over decades of statehood. Simply pieced together yet elegant, exuding, and reminiscent of the long trail of Texan history, the Great Seal is a momentous representation of how Texas was first governed by a total of six sovereign nations before the Lone Star State fought for and eventually earned its independence.

Dick’s Classic Garage Car Museum

Originally inaugurated in Rosanky, Dick’s Classic Garage Car Museum is now situated in San Marcos, Texas.

The 43,000 square-foot facility is home to 80 classic cars and counting. The vintage cars museum continuously accepts, collects and refurbishes vehicles of historical significance for purposes of education and learning of the existing and the next generations. This education will be integrated into the teaching of several different areas of concentration in schools, ranging from mathematics to social sciences to literature.

Apart from the showcase of timeworn yet timeless sets of wheels, Dick’s Classic Garage also has a souvenir shop and does accept reservations for the celebration of special private events.

Cheatham Street Warehouse

The unassuming Cheatham Street Warehouse whose countryside look and feel that are very characteristic and identifying of it is heaven to the musical.

Garnering so much attention from tourists and locals alike, this refuge for music is continuously in operation and is being preserved, conserved and bettered for purposes of promotion and proliferation of the Texan music which deserves the attention and the efforts of the community to make it survive and thrive and its popularity to reach great heights.

The Cheatham Street Warehouse has the heart for young talents – every sort of musician – that are a treasure to Central Texas. It is home to honing these talents by way of different activities including workshops and competitions.

Commemorative Air Force Exhibit

When you’re done visiting the Texas State Capitol, go over at the Commemorative Air Force Air Force Commemorative ExhibitExhibit is a showcase of historical warbirds, namely, the bombers, the fighters, the foreign, the trainers, the liaison and the cargo.

Each collection of the Commemorative Air Force Exhibit is a rare war flying crafts.

Some of them are restored and maintained up until today and are even still flown by the military elite forces for the purpose of constant and sturdy support toward the Commemorative Air Force missions.

They are at your disposal for tours, events, and rides as per specific schedule.

Have a look, feel and taste of Texan history as you climb aboard an actual aircraft at the Commemorative Air Force Exhibit that fought in major wars from way back.

These postcard-worthy Central Texas tourist attractions, from the Texas State Capitol to the Commemorative Air Force Exhibit, are also worthy to be engraved in your memories. Fly to Central Texas and do not let the opportunity to touch the already written history and the constantly being written contemporary story of Texas pass by you. Stroll around and drop by these Central Texas tourist attractions.

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