Charlie Robison: A Texas Hill Country Original


Charlie Robison is the man behind Good Times, an album that took him to the top.

However, Charlie’s career ambition was not always country music.

In fact, he was on his way to becoming a professional football player. However, during his college career, he suffered an injury. Knowing that football was out of his future, he came to Austin, Texas where he started doing stints in local bands, including the Millionaire Playboys, Two Hoots and a Holler, and Chaparral.

The Birth of a Texas Hill Country Legend

In 1996, Charlie branched out and started on his solo country career. That was when he created Bandera and eventually signed with Sony before releasing Life of the Party.

It was that album that launched Charlie Robison into fame. His Life of the Party album contained three of his biggest hits to date, including “My Hometown.”

Many non-Texans know Charlie as the judge on the first season of the TV show, Nashville Star.

Switching Notes: Moving Toward the Good Times

It wasn’t until Charlie Robison switched to an independent label with Dualtone that he released Good Times in 2004. Good Times was by far the most popular album – and one we Texans enjoy thoroughly.

He started touring in 2004, and his sound became something other than the classic Nashville country. In fact, Charlie took on a tone and country culture of his own. He combined Southern music with hard rock, belting out songs that were attractive to all music lovers – young and old.

The song Good Times even made an appearance in the first season of True Blood on HBO.

A Devoted, Creative Songwriter

What Charlie Robison is best known for is writing from his perspective. He draws and speaks on issues that are important to him. He also focuses on personal life experiences, such as when he wrote his “divorce album” Beautiful Day after divorcing from his wife Emily of The Dixie Chicks.

Beautiful Day was an album that went through the process of recovering and seeking redemption after a major life event – like a divorce. While most of Robison’s previous songs featured the third person, Beautiful Day album was his first time singing in the first person.

The album is breathtaking. It discusses the emotional journey that Charlie experienced during this major life change.

It resonates not only with those who have gone through a divorce, but those who have suffered any significant life event. Most notably was that there were no angry tones like other divorce-featured albums. That is what makes Robison unique. He focuses on the love of people who find themselves growing apart due to the demands of their professional careers, and how divorce eventually erupts – but without animosity.

Charlie Robison: A Man with Music in His Blood

Charlie is one of the broadest and most capable country singers to come from the Texas Hill Country. Throughout his career, he is notorious for always forging his own path. He originates from the scenic town of Bandera – the Texas Hill Country. He originates from a line of ranchers spanning over eight generations, and music is a staple in the Robison household.

In fact, music was something the Robison’s learned before they could walk. Going to music shows and dance halls was a family event on the weekends. Even Charlie’s siblings, Bruce and Robyn, are singers and songwriters.

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