the best places to visit in central texas

Beautiful Cities in Central Texas to Visit

Have you considered visiting small towns and cities in central Texas?

If you are planning a Texas vacation, don’t forget to visit the cities around Austin which are generally called Texas Hill Country.

the beautiful cities in central texas

The Beautiful Small Towns and Cities in Central Texas

Surrounding the city of Austin there several beautiful small towns and cities, considered some of the most picturesque, safe, and enjoyable in the state of Texas.

Cities to Visit in Central Texas

1. Fredericksburg

The bed and breakfast headquarters of Texas, Fredericksburg is a place where you can also experience German culture. Check out architecture with a German flair, yes, some locals still speak German, a trait passed down through the generations. The historical town was founded in the 1800’s, and has a reputation as peaceful, quiet, small town known for excellent wine bars.

2. Gruene

Even with a tiny population of the small town of Gruene (pronounced ‘Green’) will never fail to fascinate you with their country living of hospitable people. In the morning, you can go fly fishing and sightseeing at the beautiful Guadalupe River. Then spend your evening breaking your boots in at unique bars making sure to enjoy good beer and fine country music. If you want to have a quiet evening, their tea rooms and coffee house are exceptional.

3. Jefferson

If you love outdoor activities and recreation, join the annual recreational and outdoor events in Jefferson. Attend the Trail of Lights and the Barbecue Cook-Off, just to name two of the most popular events, and explore the many outdoor vistas in the city by riding on horse-drawn carriages. Also check out the ghost tours and shop at their many antique stores.

4. Hunt

Some of the areas around the Guadalupe River showcase its beautiful views particularly in the town of Hunt. The part of the river where the south and north forks converge is a perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities or simply take in the splendid, peaceful scenery. Go on river tours or build a campfire by the lakes and rivers.

The Texas Hill Country

Texas is the second largest state in America, yet has some of the most amazing smaller towns and villages. Check a map of Texas as a guide to explore more about the Texas Hill Country.

the best places to visit in central texas

Get the Most Out of the Texas Hill Country

Explore new cultures, discover historical places and heritage and enjoy new experiences in the beautiful small towns and cities in central Texas. There are so many new places to explore. Make sure that you stay safe and don’t go out exploring on your own. There are plenty of examples of people getting lost in the desert, and not being able to find their way back home.

So make sure that if you go out exploring in the wild, that you always take a guide that knows the land well. Having survival skills is also a must for your guide in case anything goes awry. With these tips and exciting adventures, you will surely have a great time while visiting the Texas Hill Country.