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Must-Go Cities In Texas

How about a getaway vacation and city hopping in the beautiful cities of central Texas?

Though Texas is the second largest state in the U.S., it boasts a number of safe, crime-free and wonderful small counties and towns.

Most of the best cities in Texas to visit can be found in the central part of the state, the Texas Hill Country.

Learn more about the places in this region and get to appreciate the diversity in every county that you go to.

best cities in texas to visit

Small Cities In Central Texas

While we know some of the most popular big cities in Texas such as Austin, Houston, and Dallas, Texas also boasts several beautiful small cities in central Texas.

These small country towns, in the rural areas of the state, have different features to show their tourists. Go on lake tours, outdoor adventures, food trips, beer and dancing (the Texas Two-Step, of course) in a honky tonk with country music playing, or simply watch the wonderful natural scenic views by the river.

Fall in love with the different cities and towns in central Texas and explore each town in the rural areas of the state. Check out this list of best cities in Texas to visit that you may want to check out sometime soon during your next vacation.

Best Cities In Texas To Visit

  1. Wimberley

Go to the little town that’s full of artistry, the city of Wimberley. This area in Texas is a small world of artists where you can find a number of shops selling paintings, handcrafted materials, and other raw handmade artwork at decent prices. Tour the place and feel like a hippie in Wimberley.

  1. Johnson City

If you love to stroll along public parks, Johnson City is perfect for you. Among the most famous are the Pedernales Falls State Park and if you love history, the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park. The town was named after the former president, by the way.

  1. San Marcos

Do you love water adventures?

Then go to San Marcos. It is among the small cities in central Texas which cater to water adventures. See the beautiful underwater of the river with glass-bottom boats in the Aquarena Center, or go on a whitewater kayak adventure. End your day with a dinner in their lovely restaurants and courthouses before taking some red wine in your hotel room.

  1. Fredericksburg

Do you want to experience a taste of German culture? In the historical city of Fredericksburg, you’ll find a population of German-speaking people and architecture with German influences. Chill in their wine bars in the evening and have some small talk with the friendly people in the area.

small cities in central Texas

Take A Tour In The Small Cities And Towns In Central Texas

Get your maps of Texas now and discover more beautiful cities that you can go to. Search for more lists of amazing small towns surrounding the urban cities of the state.

Have a great getaway vacation on your next trip with family and loved ones. Book a flight and hotel accommodations now. Take a tour in the safest parts of the country, the small cities and towns in Central Texas.