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Cool Things To Do in Hill Country Texas

While in the center of the Lone Star State: Make Memories Through These Cool Things to Do in Hill Country Texas. Make the most out of your trip to Central Texas and try these thrilling things to do in Hill Country Texas. You may get a bit edgy in some of them, but go ahead and give them a try anyway. It will be worth it, with a great deal of fun, plus memories which you will surely want to relive any time soon or the moment you set foot in Hill Country again.

Things to do in Hill Country

driving in hill country texasHop from, or rather, descend from one cave and then to another. Almost 20 percent of Texas is covered in caves, sinkholes, grottos and caverns, over 9,000 in number, several of which are located in Hill Country, Texas. There are The Cave Without a Name, The Inner Space Cavern, The Natural Bridge Caverns and The Caverns of

There are The Cave Without a Name, The Inner Space Cavern, The Natural Bridge Caverns and The Caverns of Sorona. You can start with these diamonds in the rough as you go around Hill Country, Texas to discover with delight and explore more with fascination several other hollows formed and sculpted by nature herself.


Hike or crawl rocks in four-wheel off-road vehicles. Experience and feel Hill Country, Texas in its most raw state, put hiking boots on, and ready yourself for some cardio, and to sweat as you climb up the Hill Country’s uneven and jagged landscape of amazing natural formation.

If you are more adventurous and an enthusiast of cars with very powerful engines, then perhaps crawling, behind the wheel that is, on rugged and extremely obstructed and complicated terrain, will be what is fitting for you.


Do not miss driving an actual tank. So, you have always had that wild dream of driving an actual tank that is brought here to the present from way back in history? The Hill Country, Texas is the way to go, perhaps the only way to go.


In Texas, you are allowed to brush elbows with history by way of its well-preserved artifacts in museums and with people who made history by way of their seemingly animated portraits hanging about the walls of some historical edifice. Now, you can almost literally touch more of Texan history, war history in particular, when you go behind the wheel of a tank. And newsflash, you can actually fire it.

No, you would not be dreaming anymore and you would not need video games to feel like you are in some crossfire. Yes, you are allowed to shoot from the tanks. The experience will be like meandering in a museum of ancient war tanks and artillery, only it will be a live museum, which you can interact with in reality, no simulations necessary.

Rodeo Ride

rodeo ride hill country texasOne of the best things to do in hill country texas is to go to a rodeo event and saddle a horse yourself. Other very identifying features of the Hill Country are its ranches, and quite a number of them there are.

Apart from rock-climbing, you would not want to miss this other raw encounter with Texas. You can have a good look at the majestic lush green sceneries of the Hill Country while saddled on a friendly stallion and let him take you through the streams and the hills peppered with oaks and cedars.

Do not miss the Hill Country’s rodeo events either and witness professional equestrians in action. At the end of day, sit back and relax at The Hunt in Hunt, Texas where you will be served with your well-deserved subzero cold drink after a whole day of daring adventures.