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The Most Interesting Hill Country Towns in Texas to Visit

Texas is home to many interesting Hill Country towns, identified and recognized by the beauty and charm of their postcard-perfect panoramic landscape.

With that in mind, your family and friends can wander along main roads and side streets as well as along the crystal clear waterways covered with thick and lush canopies of cypress and oak trees.

Peaceful and serene vistas, views and attractions will bring forth a calming, soothing feeling which you and your family will be more than willing to enjoy.

So here it is, a list of some of the most interesting Hill Country towns in Texas which welcome you with fun, stories, adventure and Texas-sized hospitality, as well as provide you with the warm, comfortable experience so well known in the southern United States.

interesting hill country towns


Fredericksburg is a picturesque town, a cross between local southern American culture and strong European cultural influences, particularly German.

It is a district which has witnessed a long and fascinating road with a rich history. The town has a strip of historic, long-standing shops, stores, and museums which are home to antiques and remnants of old Fredericksburg. The town also serves up a modern Texan twist with its inns, pubs and watering holes.


Salado is a tiny, quaint and truly lovely village in central Bell County.

Apart from being known for its old-fashioned, comfortable and plush accommodations, Salado is where you will find the Stagecoach Inn which is the oldest hotel in the state of Texas that’s still in operation.

Salado is home to almost 20 locations which are officially listed amongst the registered historical places in Texas. If you are looking for sites with plenty of historical stories and anecdotes, Salado is the place to be. Treat yourself and your adventurous company to carriage and wine tours which will take you on an enjoyable ride along landscaped gardens, amazing wine cellars and intoxicating galleries and boutiques which are brimming with artistic masterpieces, books, fabrics and sculpted wood and metal furniture.


Wimberley lies an hour away from the state capital of Austin. It is a quixotic, extraordinary hamlet, one which can be a sweet and quiet escape allowing for peaceful viewing of beautiful picture-perfect landscapes.

You can take your family and friends to places with plenty of activities such as swimming, hiking and fishing which takes advantage of Wimberley’s ideal location, situated along the rich Cypress Creek and the clear Blanco River.

The village is also a known hub of specialty gift shops where you will surely enjoy buying souvenir items and knickknacks to bring back home.


Aside from Jefferson’s identifying feature which is its fabled ghost tours. The tiny burg offers various nature trips such as steamboat-paddling during lake tours and fun annual events, such as the BBQ Cook-Off and the Holiday Light Trail event.

The town of Jefferson is saddled between Lake O’ the Pines and Caddo Lake, the latter known for horse-drawn carriage rides and antique souvenir boutiques.


Nestled in the middle of Texas Hill Country, the rolling hills of Hunt offers a grand view of nature, such as crystalline lakes and river waters.

Hunt is bustling, lively town, with a large variety of private picnic camps and recreational activities choices between indoor and outdoor pastimes.

Finally, Hunt is home to the popular locale aptly named The Hunt Store, where you can revel in the true Texan cowboy experience with our one-off dining offerings and music and dance festivities.