Musician Spotlight: Dean Dillon

Dean Dillon

Dean Dillon is a Tennessee native that every Hunt, TX resident knows and loves.

As one of the original country superstars, Dillon is the writer behind the notorious George Strait. In 2002, Dillon received an induction into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.

His history boasts a novel set of accomplishments that the Texas Hill Country appreciates. From his songwriting to recorded songs, Dillon is the father of country.

Who is Dean Dillon?

Dean Dillon, known to the family as Larry Dean Flynn, was born and raised in Lake City, TN. At the age of seven, he began playing the guitar, and by 15, he made a debut performance at the Knoxville variety show, Jim Clayton Startime. 

After Dillon had finished high school, he aspired to start his music career. His first album was recorded as Dean Rutherford – then he moved to the name Dean Dalton. It wasn’t until a chance moment of browsing the yellow pages with his record executive, Jerry Bradley, that the name Dillon became his label.

Determined to become a household name, Dillon hitchhiked into Music City in the early 70’s, and that was where the star was born. He caught the eye of Shelby Singleton from Sun Records. After a single recording, Dean landed the role of Hank Williams in Opryland’s Country Music Show, USA.

That gig was what landed Dillon his first deal with Nashville producer, Tom Collins. From there, Dillon’s career took him into songwriting, recording, and country history.

The Father of a Country Songwriter

Dillon’s influence inspired his daughter, Jessie Jo Dillon, to write for country music stars as well.

The two often collaborate on songs with one another. Jessie Jo Dillon received a nomination for Best Country Song at the Grammy Awards with her father.

The Recording Artist

Dean Dillon charted eight times from 1979 to 1983. His top 30 hit, I’m Into the Bottle (To Get You Out of My Mind)” was one of the hits.

Several duet albums feature Dillon, including Gary Stewart’s albums.

Most of Dillon’s initial work developed out of Capitol Records, where two studio albums were released. Now Dillon works with Atlantic Records, and his extremely successful record, Out of Your Ever Lovin’ Mind is one of them.

Dean Dillon

At The Hunt Store in Hunt, Texas, we are huge fans of Dillon. Our favorite records include Brotherly Love from 1982 and Hot, Country and Single from 1993.

Of course, other classics include Those Were the Days and Slick Nickel from his earlier works. His singles are notorious for charting high in the ranks.

Dillon’s Best Charting Songs to Date

  • Nobody in His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her, 1980
  • What Good Is a Heart, 1980
  • I Go to Pieces, 1988

Dean Dillon: The Songwriter

Dean Dillon is better known for his songwriting. He has worked with younger country stars, including Toby Keith and Kenny Chesney.

While many know Dillon for his work with Gary Stewart and George Strait, Dillon also wrote songs for Brooks & Dunn, George Jones, and Alabama.

Famous Songs to Note from Dean Dillon

Dean Dillon wrote many hits, but the hits he’s most prominently known for include:

  • Tennessee Whiskey, David Allan Coe/George Jones
  • Easy Come, Easy Go, George Strait
  • Unwound, George Strait
  • A Lot of Things Different, Kenny Chesney
  • Spilled  Perfume, Pam Tillis
  • We’ve Called It Everything but Quits, Lee Ann Womack
  • Get My Drink On, Toby Keith

Dean Dillon: The Poet

Some are songwriters. Others are wordsmiths. Dean Dillon is neither. Instead, Dean Dillon is a poet. He weaves breathtaking words and melodies together to create a masterpiece. While it might consist of a mere two minutes, the songs Dillon writes stay with you for long after.

The Hunt Store in Hunt, Texas Honors Dean Dillon

Dean Dillon is a recognized country legend here in the Texas Hill Country. He is a favorite among new and old country enthusiasts. At our Hunt, TX store, we are proud to display his music and honor the accomplishments of Dean Dillon.

Dean Dillon

Whether you are an avid George Strait fan or you are new to country music and want to branch out, we recommend Dean Dillon. Listen to his original songs or pick up an album featuring a Dean Dillon song to see how he transforms ordinary words into pure poetry.

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