Must-Visit Places in Texas: The Top Ten Texas Hill Country Wineries


When you’re planning your trip through Texas Hill country, have you considered where you want to stop? There are many people who make a trip out of Texas Hill Country wineries—they go from one Hill Country winery after another. Why is this such a fun trip? Besides the tasty wine options, the wineries are absolutely beautiful.

The Hunt Store’s Top 10 Texas Hill Country Wineries

Here are our top ten picks for must-visit places in Texas, particularly Texas Hill Country wineries.

1. Lewis Wines

This is one of the newer Texas Hill Country wineries on our list. The owners focus their grape-growing efforts on varieties that thrive in this part of the country, ultimately meaning the wine quality is great. Their claims to fame are bold red wines. Texas Monthly’s top pick for a must-try wine is: 2010 Texas Red Wine Mourvedre Blend.

2. Becker Vineyards

Conversely, this is one of the oldest wineries in Texas Hill Country, established in 1992. Besides the delectable wines, Becker Vineyards is famous for its locale. Across from the vineyards are lavender fields which, when in bloom, produce a stunning sea of purple. At the 2015 Lone Star International Wine Competition, Becker Vineyards won a whopping twenty-seven awards.

3. Grape Creek Vineyards

Do you love Italy? If you want a Tuscan-inspired wine experience, this is a Texas Hill Country winery that you have to visit. The vineyard spans 100-acres and the facility is housed in a Tuscan villa. It’s the ultimate romantic destination. What about the wine? Grape Creek Vineyards has won over 150 awards in just two years.

4. Texas Hills Vineyards

This winery focuses 100 percent on taster experience. Wine tasting includes a cheese and sausage plate and gorgeous Texas views. If you love their wine and the experience here, you can join the wine club and receive three bottles of wine six times each year. In addition to that, members receive a twenty percent discount on wines, events, and vineyard merchandise. There are also fun events to attend, like winemaker dinners. When it comes to wine, WineInspector.com notes that the winery’s Cabernet Sauvignon is a major treat.

5. Fall Creek Vineyards

Fall Creek Vineyards has won multiple state, country, and international awards. In addition to the tours and wine tastings, visitors can stay in guest quarters above the winery. The winery sits on 400-acres of beautiful Texas countryside. And just how good is the wine? In 2013, the winery won a double gold medal at the Tasters Guild International Wine Competition. Additionally, according to the TravelChannel.com, the co-founder of Fall Creek Vineyards, Susan Auler, was mentioned in Wines and Vines as one of the top fifty people in the industry.

6. Pedernales Cellars

Six generations of winemakers have devoted their lives to the success of Pedernales Cellars. Their focus is on sustainable practices and Spanish-style wines. This winery won double gold awards at the San Francisco International Wine Competition. It’s also won a Grand Gold award at the Lyon International Wine Competition. Their current favorite featured wine is Texas Dulce, a sweet wine that could very well serve as dessert.

7. Duchman Family Winery

This is another Tuscan-style winery in Hill Country. It’s been called one of the most beautiful, picturesque wineries in Texas Hill Country by HGTV. This winery has many award-winning wines and they focus on Italian-style wines but only use Texas grapes to achieve their goal.

8. William Chris Vineyards

The goal of William Chris Vineyards is to share their knowledge and expertise with the world. They do this not only by making fabulous wines but by sharing their own recipes with their fans. Another goal of the owners of this establishment is to make their visitors feel comfortable and cozy. That is why they work out of a 100-year old renovated home and offer tastings on the front porch. They also provide live musical entertainment on the weekends.

9. 4.0 Cellars

This is such an interesting name for a winery, isn’t it? The name is a way to pay homage to the goal: perfection. The wines at 4.0 Cellars come from the winery’s own vineyards as well as other local wineries. The goal of 4.0 Cellars is to give their visitors the best wine available, whether it be their own brand or someone else’s.

10. Hye Meadows Winery

Hye Meadows Winery is one of the latest up-and-coming wineries in Texas Hill Country. They are a people-centric, modern establishment with the goal of providing incredible wines in a very laid-back, friendly atmosphere. To accomplish this, their wine tasting takes place on the porch where you can easily make new friends.

Hill Country Winery: A Great Day-Trip Option

Whether you live in the Texas Hill Country or you’re simply here on vacation, visiting a Hill Country winery is a great way to experience the Texas Hill Country. According to Texas Monthly, two people can easily visit four or five Hill Country wineries in a weekend. Whether you decide to visit a single winery or want a winery-packed weekend getaway, remember to savor each glass and enjoy the experience.

If you’re not in the mood to visit a Hill Country winery but are still in the mood for some wine, stop by The Hunt Store in Hunt, TX. We have some of the best wines from Texas and California in our café. Match them to some of our delicious dishes or have a glass on its own.