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River Tubing – A Fun Time Activity in the Texas Hill Country

River tubing is one of the best summertime activities in the Texas Hill Country. It is enjoyed by people of all age groups as hundreds of Texans are seen enjoying this wonderful activity. In fact, it is an almost essential must-do activity in the Texas Hill Country. It is full of adventure and is enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. However, one needs to follow certain guidelines to ensure that you have an excellent time river tubing in Texas.

River Tubing - Texas Hill Country

Guidelines for River Tubing in the Texas Hill Country: 

Keep the laws in mind: People often like to drink alcohol and be merry. Although most counties allow it, the rule still varies with each county and may not be allowed at the place you start river tubing. You need to be careful about the local ordinances before you start the river tubing with your group. Some of the counties in Central Texas do not allow the use of glass in the river while many have other restrictions. So, read the laws and make sure that you follow the legit rules before and during the river float.

Check for coupons online: This would be very beneficial to minimize your river tubing budget in the Texas Hill Country. Some businesses offering river tube rentals issue discount coupons and free parking passes online. Public servants need to bring their IDs to enjoy discount deals. Check weather reports before you start river tubing. All these will help you save on your budget and give you a happy time.

Carry zip-lock bags to put your belongings: Well, you need to put your cell phones, ID cards, and other necessities into zip lock bags to make sure they don’t get wet! Many times, you may fall off the tube and anything that you carry would get wet so, be smart and carry plastic bags to protect your essential items like car keys, IDs etc.

Shoes are a must: The sport of river tubing happens in rivers that have rocky bottoms. You cannot enjoy tubing in muddy waters and so, you need to go through the rocky areas of the river. Therefore, don’t go bare feet and wear shoes to save yourself from getting hurt by the sharp rocks and poisonous snakes, cottonmouths etc. Do not go for flip-flops and choose good quality water shoes which stay strong during the river adventure.

Don’t forget to carry sunscreen: The Central Texas sun could leave you with sunburns. It would be added due to floating water and therefore, you need to use high-quality sunscreen to save your skin. Go for UV protected clothes, caps and other things that save you from skin damage. Even if the heat is mild, you should not underestimate it and go absolutely prepared for the adventure.

To conclude, if you love water and adventure, then river tubing would be an enjoyable activity to do in the Texas Hill Country. For even more fun, go tubing with your pals and create great memories.

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