The Sean Kendrick Band Stays True to Their Texas Country Roots


When Texas country meets rock n’ roll, you end up with the unique sound of The Sean Kendrick Band. Based in Hunt, Texas, they first came together about five years ago to introduce people to something different, while also staying true to their Texas country roots.

According to Sean Kendrick, the lead singer and acoustic guitarist, their style is hard to define and packs a surprise, “I mean, it’s country… but it’s not what you think of as country. And it’s rock, but it’s definitely not what you think of as rock.”

The other instruments that help to create their signature style consist of Tommy Daniels on electric lead guitar, Neil Cassidy on the bass guitar, Tom Goodwyn on the drums, Ricky Cannon playing the harmonica, and Jeff Bradberry on the washboard. Kendrick’s voice has a gravelly quality to it that harmonizes well with the others and highlights the artistically worded lyrics that make up their all-original set.

Kendrick knows that they don’t fit in with the newer, popular brand of country that has been coming out of Nashville for the last few years. He says that The Sean Kendrick Band is more singer/songwriter. “The way we always describe it is it’s not music you dance to, it’s music you drink to.”

Their music isn’t the only thing that stands out when they step onto a stage. Kendrick says that when it comes to their ages, every decade is represented. “We have all ages. Every ten years or so there’s someone. I have kids the same ages as our drummer’s grandkids.”

Kendrick says that playing in the band allows him to have an alter ego because it’s such a sharp contrast to his day job. “I ranch for a living so I’m usually by myself or speaking to my employees in Spanish, and then on Friday night I’m going and playing in front of those people in a very social environment which is definitely not how my week goes.”

As for the rest of the band? Kendrick says that their occupations are just as diverse as their age range. “We’re definitely a hodge-podge. From mortgage banker to music teacher to retired construction worker to HVAC installer, there’s definitely a little bit of everything.”

Sean Kendrick Band

Musicians like Charlie Robison, Chris Knight, and local legend Robert Earl Keen have all played a part in influencing their music. Kendrick says that growing up, listening to their music is what inspired him to teach himself to play the guitar and made him want to start a band of his own someday. Last summer, The Sean Kendrick Band actually opened for Robert Earl Keen, at his 4th on the River event, which was their biggest gig to date.

Kendrick says that they love playing at The Hunt Store. “It’s an outdoor venue at a country store with a family atmosphere with locals and out-of-towners alike.”

The Sean Kendrick band has one self-titled album that is available on iTunes and Amazon, and although they haven’t started recording the next one, they do plan to make another album in the future.