Texas Hill Country Attractions: The Best Music, Bar-B-Q & Wine in Central Texas



Texas is famous for football (go Cowboys!), the Alamo, black gold, and the Texas Longhorn. However, we’re possibly even more famous for our Bar-B-Q. Any Texan will tell you: if you come for a visit you can’t leave without trying Texas Bar-B-Q at least once. What makes our BBQ so impressive?

There are a number of factors, including the flavor of the food and the atmosphere in which it’s served. Bar-B-Q, music, beer, and wine are all at the heart of a great Texas meal and are the staples of true Texas country living. Today we’ll show you some of the best Texas Hill Country attractions when it comes to music, wine, and of course, Bar-B-Q.

Things to Do in Central Texas: The Best Music Venues in Hill Country

First off, let’s talk about some of the best music venues in the Texas Hill Country. You should probably know that just about every restaurant and bar offers live music throughout the week performed by exceptionally talented musicians. Besides dinner and entertainment, though, these are a couple of musical venues you should check out the next time you visit central Texas.

  • ACL Live at The Moody Theater in Austin, Texas: Austin City Limits (ACL) has been a famous in the music world (and to faithful PBS viewers) since the 1970s. It’s still going strong today and it is a real treat to visit. Artists include up-and-comers as well as long-established musicians. There is something for any musical mood you may find yourself in on any given evening.
  • Round Top Festival Institute in Round Top, Texas: According to, the Round Top Festival Institute is a venue that has some of the best acoustics in the nation. It is also one of the most beautiful venues you will find, a true spectacle of the glamorous world of music. Musicians who play here include chamber orchestras, cellists, and pianists. If you’re looking for an evening rich in culture and history, you need to go to the Round Top Festival Institute.

Texas Hill Country Attractions: Where to Go For the Tastiest Bar-B-Q

When it comes to things to do in central Texas, we aren’t going to lie—food is a huge part of our culture. We love big portions, fried foods, gourmet foods, ethnic foods, and yes, we love our Bar-B-Q. Food, particularly Bar-B-Q, is an integral part of Texas country living. Here are some Texas Hill Country attractions that serve some of the best Bar-B-Q around.

  • Franklin Barbecue: This is one of the most well-known Bar-B-Q joints in all of Texas. The distinctive flavors have made many people lifelong supporters of this restaurant. In fact, many people are so devoted to Franklin Barbecue that they are willing to wait hours before they even get a table.
  • La Barbecue: Second only to Franklin Barbecue among critics, La Barbecue will delight your taste buds. What are they famous for? Beef rib, sausage, and brisket just to name a few. The bonus: outdoor seating. Is there any better way to enjoy Texas Bar-B-Q than in the beautiful Texas landscape?
  • Buddy’s BBQ Shack: Not to be outdone, this little gem just down the road in Hunt, TX will smoke your boots off. Get there early with some cash and you will not be disappointed. Folks swear by the brisket, but you really can’t go wrong no matter what you try.

Hill Country Winery: Must-Visit Wineries of Texas Hill Country

When you come to the Texas Hill Country, you definitely need to visit at least one Hill Country winery. Here is a couple to choose from.

  • Brennan Vineyards: This vineyard has won critical acclaim for its Viognier, a white wine with hints of apricot and peach. It’s brought home double gold awards from the San Francisco International Wine Competition, too. Visitors can schedule a private tasting in which the wine selection (of six to eight wines) is tailored to their particular tastes.
  • Bending Branch Winery: This vineyard practices sustainable farming practices and is home to sixteen different varieties of grapes, many of which are Mediterranean varieties. If you buy two bottles of wine the tasting fee is waived. What’s involved in the tasting? You get to try six different wines and a tour of the production facility.

The Texas Hill Country: There’s No Chance of Being Bored

If you’re looking for things to do in central Texas, we can assure you, there are many Texas Hill Country attractions to choose from. There is more than one Hill Country winery to try, musical venues for every taste and style, and of course, plenty of restaurants that serve world-famous Texas Bar-B-Q. We can assure you that you will not be bored when you visit the Texas Hill Country.

In addition to these wonderful Bar-B-Q, music and wine venues, we invite you to visit The Hunt Store in Hunt, TX. We provide tasty meals, delicious wines, and live music on our patio. We hope you will visit us soon.