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Texas Country Towns That You Should Visit

Are you planning to have a trip in the beautiful state of Texas?

Texas Hill Country towns are perfect places to visit if you want to see charming and beautiful scenes of rivers and lakes as well as experience the hospitality of country living. Here are some things which you can do in the hill country towns of Texas.

things to do when travelling to texas hill country towns

Things to Do in the Texas Hill Country

Do you want to experience spending an entire night dancing at a bar of good-time country music? Perhaps you want outdoor and recreational activities by rivers and lakes. In general, these are things to do in the Texas Hill Country where you get a different experience in different beautiful small towns in Texas which are only a few miles away from each other.

Visit beautiful small towns in the Texas Hill Country and be amazed by the many attractions which will leave you breathless.

Texas Hill Country Towns that You Should Visit

1. Luckenbach

When we talk about small towns, it means a town with only two main buildings and a population of three. Yes, three. The town, situated 50 miles north of San Antonio, has an apt town motto, which is “Everybody’s somebody in Luckenbach.” Stroll around this small city, which has become a popular “ghost town” thanks to the popular country song by Waylon Jennings “Luckenbach, Texas”, and be fascinated by its old post office, and by night, do a two-step in the town’s dance hall.

2. Gruene

If you want to go honky tonking, head to Gruene (pronounced Green). Once a cotton-farming community, Guene has become primarily a tourist attraction. Dine and enjoy country music in its bars at night and get your boots kicking at famous Gruene Hall. Enjoy fine Texas-style chill at various tea rooms and coffee houses with Texas-sized hospitality put forth by the people of the Texas Hill Country Towns. During the day, explore fly-fishing, rafting and sightseeing at the mystical Guadalupe River.

3. Fredericksburg

The famous historical town of Fredericksburg is one of the cities which you should never miss when you travel to the different regions of Texas. Located in central Texas, about 70-75 miles from Austin and San Antonio, the town has a strong influence of German culture, Fredericksburg has a long history as it was founded in 1846. Take a stroll through the picturesque town and visit beautiful museums and shop at antique stores as you wander through this historic city.

4. Hunt

Located in south central Texas, Hunt is a destination which you should visit, especially if you love outdoors and recreation. Gaze upon the beautiful scenery of the Guadalupe River where the north and south forks converge. Make sure to check out the rugged limestone hills, a particular treat. Build a campfire along the riverbanks, or try ghost tours in this small historical town.

beautiful small towns in texas

Don’t Miss the Beautiful Small Towns in Texas

Live free and enjoy, even just for a while, and feel the beauty of simple country and nature living. Eat and drink at unique restaurants, bars, coffee shops and tea houses. Discover and enjoy fantastic vistas as well as experience historic locales and different cultures of the beautiful small towns in Texas. Participate in their yearly outdoor and recreational events. Have a great time and a whole new country and nature experience in the hill country towns of Texas.