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The Remarkable Texas Hill Country Towns You Should Never Miss

You will certainly never run out of things to see and do in these interesting and beautiful Texas Hill Country towns.

Each one of these towns has an identifying characteristic which is unique. Each of them has different cultures to share, tourist attractions to offer, high spots and best bits to boast of, and histories and fabled anecdotes to tell.

best tourist spots in texas hill country towns

What About These Texas Hill Country Towns Will Grab Your Attention?

New Braunfels

New Braunfels is one of those Texas Hill Country towns with a truly unique and special geographical location. The town is right on the Comal River.

New Braunfels is an old-fashioned town which is peppered with German culture and influences, so much so, you can see it. It is within close proximity to the crystal clear waters of the Comal and Guadalupe rivers and can offer a great deal of opportunities to wade and frolic in these gifts of nature. You can go swimming and canoe-paddling in the rivers or have a quiet family picnic along its banks.

New Braunfels is a historical part of Texas Hill Country and is home to numerous country music icons, singers and songwriters.

It is definitely one of the must-see towns.

Johnson City

Named after former U.S. president Lyndon Baines Johnson, Johnson City used to be his “Texas White House,”  where he escaped from Washington D.C. to perform some of his duties. The town was founded by one of President Johnson’s favorite uncles and this is where also spent most of his childhood.

You can tour his old house and its surrounding grounds.

Aside from the historical aspect of Johnson City, the district also offers clear river waters by the Pedernales State Park.

Johnson City also has a one-off brewery and distillery places for you to hang out. The area also is home to many different species of cattle, which you can visit and mingle with.


Luckenbach is practically a music and dance hall in itself. It is home to a number of music stores, opera houses and music saloons.

This town is famous for having been a place where country music star Jeff Walker, once upon a time, recorded an album.

best places to visit in texas hill country towns


Llano is a town which is so close to the pink granite Enchanted Rock, you would never want to miss stepping out a little bit to climb, hike and picnic atop it. This gigantic granite formation was caused by the Llano Uplift a long time ago.

Llano is brimming with rare natural minerals, including the Llanite which is mined there, and named after the town. Owing to this fun fact, the area is thus popular in the area for its “rock culture,” in the literal sense, as well as figuratively, as punk rock parties were made famous in Llano during the 80s.

Of course, there is the town of Hunt, which houses The Hunt Store. Do not fail to visit us either after a long day of your Texas Hill Country town shopping.