Three of the Best Cities in Central Texas to Visit


Cities in central Texas are literally “deep in the heart of Texas”. That popular song was originally written in 1942, and several different versions have been made popular through the years, including versions sung by Bing Crosby and “The Singing Cowboy”, Gene Autry.

Modern country singer George Strait — who is from central Texas also popularized his version of it and plays it at the beginning of each of his concerts.

Of course, it really speaks of a state of mind, which once you’ve visited cities in central Texas, a little bit of that heart will remain with you always.

texas map with cities and counties

Texas Map with Cities and Counties, a Key to Where to Go

When looking at a Texas map with cities and counties in the middle part of the state, you’ll run across veritable towns like Austin, Abilene, College Station, Waco, Dallas-Fort Worth, and many others. The popular Texas Hill Country also falls within the geographical region encompassed by cities in central Texas.

So looking at a Texas map with cities and counties in central Texas, Austin, Waco, and College Station are just a few of the popular cities in central Texas to visit. Let’s take a gander at them, shall we?

Which Cities in Central Texas Should You Visit? Try These Three


Austin is the state capital and home to close to a million folks, but the thing people think about when Austin comes to mind is live music. Just in the past decade or so, the popular South by Southwest Music Festival (or SXSW) has become a major influence on the music scene nationwide.

It’s held over a 10-day period in March, and no, it’s not a country music showcase, rather, an eclectic live music phenomenon of country, blues, and rock. Austin also has a vibrant restaurant scene, with unique and fascinating dining experiences for all tastes.

The city is home to the University of Texas primary campus, and with Texas the football center of the universe, Saturday afternoons in the fall will find the town shut down as football fans flock to Darrell Royal Stadium, to root on the home team Longhorns to a hoped for victory.

Finally, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Austin is an ideal location as it boasts of an amazing array of parks and lakes for memorable experiences hiking, biking, boating, and fishing.


Situated along the Brazos River, the town of about 75,000 is small enough for that laid back feel many vacationers enjoy, yet there is enough to do in Waco and surrounding communities to fill a vacation schedule.

Waco sits between the cities of Dallas and Austin and is known for its superb variety of unique stores, shops, and restaurants, and it’s also another university town, as it is home to Baylor University.

Definite things to see are the Waco Mammoth National Monument, a marvelous wooded park on the Bosque River, and is an archaeological dig site, where mammoth bones are on display. Waco, the home of popular soft drink Dr. Pepper, also is known for wonderful fine art organizations and exhibitions and several historic homes worthy of a visit.

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The town of Hunt is situated in what is known as the Texas Hill Country and is one of the cities in central Texas that is popular amongst travelers who visit central Texas. It boasts a fabulous restaurant/shopping center, The Hunt Store, which offers a unique shopping experience.

The restaurant at “The Store” is called the Hunt Rock Cafe and is popular with locals and visitors alike. There’s an excellent place to swim in Hunt, Schumacher’s Crossing, which has crystal clear water and wonderful waterfalls. It’s situated at the north and south forks of the Guadalupe River.