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Texas Road Trip Ideas: Planning Your Ideal Texas Hill Country Road Trip


Planning Your Ideal Texas Hill Country Road Trip

A road trip is one of the best ways to see the United States. Many people think, though, that a road trip has to be a long, extended tour of the whole U.S. Actually, a great road trip simply depends on having the best itinerary. There are plenty of cities and counties within each state that have exceptional road trip potential. One of these areas is Hunt, Texas and the Texas Hill Country. In order to plan an awesome road trip, we’d like to share some road trip tips, as well as a list of some of the best things to do in Texas Hill Country.

Planning Your Texas Hill Country Road Trip: Some Helpful Tips

In order to have the best road trip ever in Texas Hill Country, you need to plan your trip well. Here are some tips that you might find helpful when planning your trip.

  • Consider your ideal Texas road trip ideas: What would you like to see in Texas? Where would you like to go? Instead of just “winging it,” make a practical plan. Figure out all of the places you would like to go, plan a route, and get assistance from a GPS app.
  • Never spend more time in your car than you need to: Yes, this is a road trip and there will be plenty of driving, but that doesn’t mean you should spend all of your time in your car. Plan stops along the way to break up the trip and make it more enjoyable. There are plenty of attractions and things to do in Texas Hill Country that will get you out of your car. Don’t wait to reach your destination to have some fun. Make the entire road trip an enjoyable experience.
  • Research hotels and restaurants: While you’ve likely figured out which hotel and restaurants you want to visit once you reach your destination, your research shouldn’t stop there. Keep a log of hotels, restaurants, and gas stations along the way. That way, if you get caught up in one of your side-experiences, you have a place to stay, refuel, and eat instead of trying to drive all night to get back on schedule.
  • Get some cash back: According to the Huffington Post, there is one major way to get some cash back on your road trip: get a gas card or two. Since you’ll be buying quite a bit of gas to keep you going on your trip, why not get a gas card that offers cash-back bonuses?
  • Keep in touch: Make sure to let your loved ones know where you are along your journey. This will give them peace of mind that you’re okay. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that someone is expecting to hear from you at a certain time. That way, if anything does go wrong, there will be someone getting help sooner rather than later.
  • Budget: According to Patrick Allan of LifeHacker.com, there are a lot of people who forget to budget when they’re on a road trip. They figure they’ve done the whole “budget thing” by saving money on travel—it is, after all, typically cheaper to drive than to fly. However, the budgeting doesn’t stop there. Remember to budget for accommodations, gas, restaurants, and souvenirs.

Texas Road Trip Ideas: Where to Go and What to Do In Texas Hill Country

Of course, one of the priorities of planning the ultimate Texas Hill Country road trip is to figure out some fun things to do in Texas Hill Country. Here are just two of our must-see picks for places to drive to and through in central Texas.

  • The Swiss Alps of Texas: Deep canyons, rivers, a dude ranch, and mountain peaks as high as 2,400 feet above sea level. This is what you will get to see in Leakey, Texas. The drive through the Swiss Alps of Texas can range from 80 miles to 130 miles depending on which route you choose to take.
  • The Texas Stonehenge: Stonehenge II is a great way to get some international flavor into your road trip. The replica of Stonehenge is almost as big as the original. A bonus: right next to the replicas are Easter Island statues.
  • The Willow City Loop: For those of you looking for a shorter road trip, the route through Willow City is just thirteen miles. That doesn’t mean, though, that there won’t be much to see. There are gorgeous hillsides, creeks, and meadows that make this the perfect little trip for the nature lover.

Texas Hill Country: The Ideal Road Trip Destination

Central Texas is an ideal place for a road trip. There are so many beautiful destinations in which to hike, bike, swim, kayak, climb, or simply drive. And, we don’t want to forget about the incredible dining and nightlife experiences that the Texas Hill Country and Hunt, TX has to offer. Whatever your tastes, central Texas has plenty of ideal destination options for your next road trip vacation.

A road trip is the perfect way to see Texas Hill Country. If you’re planning a trip our way, make sure to stop at The Hunt Store. We’ll provide you with the best beer, food, and music around—a fun way to end a long day of traveling.