Texas Vacation Ideas: Things to Do and Places to Visit in Hill Country


The Texas Hill Country is definitely one of the most picturesque and unique areas of the Lone Star State. It boasts of rolling hills, rugged landscapes, and diverse, lush flora and rich fauna.

The Texas Hill Country is practically one of the most amazing vacation spots for you to have fun with family and friends with its attractions, natural and man-made alike, great hospitality of the locals (howdy y’all!), and extraordinary culture and festivities.

Listed here are some Texas vacation ideas for you to consider upon setting foot in the Texas Hill Country. See, breathe in, savor and feel this inimitable side of Texas as you explore the Texas Hill Country. You will not want to miss out on the fun, adventure and excitement of these Texas vacation ideas.

Texas Vacation Ideas to Add to Your Texas Hill Country Itinerary

Texas Vacation Ideas to Add to Your Texas Hill Country Itinerary

Kick up Your Heels in the Clear and Unblemished Texas Waters

You can never run out of things to do in the refreshing lakes and river waters in the Texas Hill Country. You can go swimming, fishing, paddling, skiing, and boarding.

You can take a dip in Texas Highland Lake from Lake Buchanan to Inks Lake to Lake Marble Falls to Lake Travis and to Lake Austin. All these make for fantastic natural watering holes and pools.

Explore Caves

The Texas Hill Country is also famous for its numerous caves, grottos, and caverns, which are nature’s gifts, having been created and formed over thousands of years of geographical movements of limestone bedrock and natural waters.

Step into this wondrous realm of underground rocks and witness with awe and wonder their beauty and splendor. Talk about nature’s natural museums!

There are literally hundreds of caverns in the Hill Country. Some of which are the Cascade Caverns, the Longhorn Cave, the Caverns of Sonora, the Cave without a Name, the Bracken Bat Cave and the Natural Bridge Caverns.

Hike, Bike, and Picnic

Put on those hiking boots, walk in the rustic Texas terrain and trails, relish in and stroll around the parks and campgrounds of Central Texas. After which you and your company of friends and family can enjoy quiet picnics in private ranches scattered all over the region.

Of course, there is the Enchanted Rock which will surely capture your attention with its imposing and commanding altitude. Along the Enchanted Rock, you can go camping, hiking, climbing, bird watching and stargazing.

Drive a Real Life Military War Tank at the Ox Ranch in Uvalde

At the Ox Ranch in Uvalde is where you can walk back down into history and relive the past by getting on an actual military war tank and drive one yourself. You are even allowed to fire and shoot the tanks.

The Ox Ranch in Uvalde is like a live museum where you can learn and feel Texas history.

Go Horseback Riding

There are ranches in Downtown Bandera where guests are welcome to not only pet distinct breeds of horses but also to ride them across the clear streams and amid soaring oak trees and lush cedar trees all the way to the majestic rolling hills of Downtown Bandera.

See, Smell and Sip a Variety of Wines

Another Texas vacation idea to add to your list is booking a Texas Wine Tour.

You can select from Grape Creek Vineyard, Sister Creek Vineyard and Becker Vineyard, among many other wineries, and wine-tasting and manufacturing houses.

Join Special Events and One of a Kind Festivals

Finally, do not miss out on nightlife and festivities done the classic and traditional Texas cowboy way. You can listen to and groove with authentic country music amid one-off art fests and even festivals that focus on dishes and delicacies such as the GrapeFest, the Texas Mushroom Festival, and the Poteet Strawberry Festival.


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