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Top 5 Things To Do In Central Texas In 2018 – Must Know!

Central Texas is a beautiful place with many attractions that pulls the tourists in there. It includes the area around Austin, Brady, Kerrville, Waco and Round Rock. If you are visiting Central Texas in 2018 then you must cover the major tourist attractions. We are listing down few things to do when you are in Central Texas. Make your trip enjoyable by visiting these places and creating fine memories in Texas.

Central Texas

Things To Do In Central Texas:

River Walk – This is a not-to-miss part of visiting Central Texas. Much recommended by famous travelers, the River Walk is a must when you visit the city of San Antonio. You will be mesmerized by the landscaped hotel gardens, footbridges and some of the most stunning views while wandering around the river. In the new year, it would be decorated with twinkling lights making it a perfect place to take snaps and create memories. When in Central Texas, you must go on a River Walk and stroll around San Antonio.

Visit the Alamo – This visit will give you a taste of history where you will know the bravery of the Texans against thousands of the Mexican troops. You can listen to the story of their valor in Cavalry Courtyard and visit the Long Barrack museum which served as a hospital for the Mexican and Texan troops. You will get the audio and video description of the entire battle that would be a moving experience. In essence, if you want to enjoy a family trip in Central Texas then Alamo is the place to visit.

Check out the Texas State Capitol – Considered as the largest and one of the oldest buildings in the US, the Texas State Capitol has curved ceilings and magnificent dome structure. You can enjoy the guided tour offered at the building office and take the pleasure of watching some never-seen-before monuments. Again, you can shop around and buy some memoirs in the form of Texas-themed gifts. If you are a historian then the Texas State Capitol should be one of the top five places to visit in Texas.

Tap your feet at the Continental Club – If you are a fan of live music, then you must visit the dance floor of this 1950s-era lounge which displays some of the best local acts in the Austin city. You can enjoy live music from some of the topmost artists and music legends in this club. This is one of the best things to do in Central Texas especially when you are a live music lover.

Take a tour of the McNay Art Museum – Visit the San Antonio city to find the best of European and American modern art displayed at the McNay Art Museum. It could be heaven for art lovers who can get to see the works of Picasso, Renoir, Van Gogh, Matisse and more.

These are the top five things to do in Central Texas. You will have a great time visiting these diverse places and things.

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