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Best Central Texas Towns To Visit During Your Spare Time

Living in Texas can be a fun and exciting experience. From the beautiful deserts to the lovely cities there is no limit to what you can do and the enjoyment you can gain living there.

Texas is a state rich in history from the Alamo to other wars that were fought on its expansive lands, and no matter where you go, you can experience a rich culture that really embodies what it means to live in the south.

Of course, after all the stress of moving, or even if you’ve lived here a while, chances are you haven’t fully experienced all that central Texas has to offer.

While Texas is rich in culture and amazing things you can entertain yourself with, with our every day lives being as busy as they are it can be hard to find time to explore, and with how vast Texas is it can be expensive to go somewhere you don’t know much about. That’s why a majority of Texans decide to stay at home or in their home town on the weekends or when they have time off work.

However, Texas is an amazing state with much to explore, and chances are there’s a ton of fun you’re missing out on just because you don’t know about it! So here we have a list of some great experiences to be had in the lovely area of central Texas.

central texas

Things To Do In Central Texas Towns

If you’re looking to escape the hot Texas summer heat, New Braunfels is the place to go. New Braunfels is surrounded by amazing rivers and waterways that can be used for rafting, tubing, and all sorts of recreational activities that can help you survive a hot Texas summer.

Bring the whole family and experience the massive water park called Schlitterbahn, which is the crown jewel of New Braunfels.

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Are you a patron of the arts? Wimberley is home to a huge collection of hippie style culture with dozens of art galleries and beauty surrounding the small town. Check out the downtown area if you’re so inclined to find a beacon of culture and artistic ingenuity through restaurants, shops, and other amazing sights you can experience and enjoy throughout the year.


If you’re looking for more of a big city to roam around in and explore, check out all that Austin has to offer. Bring your kids to Austin for the day and experience rich and beautiful downtown sights and a plethora of free kids activities to enjoy with the whole family, and a rich nightlife if you’re more for a late night out with friends.

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Enjoy the Beauty of  Central Texas Towns Now!

This only scratches the surface of all you can do in Central Texas, so be sure to make a day out of exploring on your own, you might just find your new favorite spot hidden right before your eyes. No matter where you live, make sure you’re getting the most out of your state with all that Texas has to offer you and your family.