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Everything You Need to Know About Hunt, Texas

In the heart of the Texas Hill Country, along the banks of the breathtaking Guadalupe River, lies Hunt, Texas, a small unincorporated community bursting with beauty that lets your imagination run wild. Hunt, Texas is a serene place where you can enjoy scenic and picturesque views, mingle with the locals, and learn about authentic Texan culture.

Rich History and Profile of Hunt, Texas

Hunt, Texas is located where the North and South forks of the Guadalupe River meet, just outside Kerrville in central Kerr County. This area was settled as early as the 1850s by people moving west from Kerrville up the Guadalupe Valley in search of farmland.
The Joy family at Japonica in the early 1900s. The home is on the left, and store at right.

Originally, this settlement was known as Japonica. However, it later changed to Hunt in 1913 when Alva Joy purchased a significant amount of land in the area from Bob Hunt and established a Post Office on site.

Since then, Hunt has served as the center of one of the most popular Hill Country resort areas. All thanks to the magnificent Guadalupe River. The majority of the summer camps and guest ranches in Kerr County are located just within a few miles from the town. Its economy is dependent on visitors and part-time residents who own vacation homes along the River.

Things to do in Hunt, Texas

guadalupe river hunt texas

The Guadalupe River

Running from Kerr County all the way to San Antonio Bay, this crystal clear river is a popular spot for swimming, kayaking, fly-fishing, canoeing, and rafting in Hill Country. And yes, it is the main attraction in Hunt, Texas. You can’t get through Hunt without a delightful view of the majestic Guadalupe. The town has the best views of the evergreen cypress trees along the banks of the sky-blue river.

Crider’s Rodeo

Crider’s Rodeo and Dance Hall

This is the home to rodeo and dance. For those who enjoy fun-filled nights of catching up with friends, relaxing, and dancing to great music, Crider’s Rodeo and Dancehall is the place for you. The rodeo is on every Saturday night from 8:00 PM beginning on Memorial Day and runs up until Labor Day. Be sure and stay for the dance and two-step the night away with some fine Texas tunes.

The Dance, on the other hand, is usually held under a giant Oak tree that spreads out above the dance floor. So put on your dancing shoes and two-step the night away with some fine Texas tunes.

Schumacher’s Crossing

Schumacher’s Crossing

During the hot summers, this is the best place to cool down. It is known for its crystal clear water because there are no urban areas or large cities upstream. It’s all-natural! You’ll always find visitors from all around the country enjoying the cool waters and taking pictures of the incredible waterfalls.

y.o. headquarters

Y.O. Headquarters

Y.O. Headquarters offers a premier wildlife experience through hunting, corporate and family retreats, tours, weddings and other activities. Whether you are looking for a day trip to meet giraffes and other wildlife or a weekend adventure in one of their beautiful cabins,  Y.O. Headquarters offers true Texas hospitality.

kerr wildlife management area

Kerr Wildlife Management Area

Do you love to hunt or hike? Well, Hunt has something for you. The Kerr Wildlife Management Area is 6,493 acres of the Edwards Plateau region. It is the perfect destination in Hunt to hike, bird watch, explore indigenous wildlife, and hunt.

Mo Ranch


Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly is located on 500 acres along the Guadalupe River. Mo-Ranch is open to the public for spiritual retreats, conferences, summer and day camps, weddings, reunions, group meetings, corporate retreats and vacation getaways. Enjoy an overnight stay with conference center facilities, hotel rooms, unique historical housing and group lodging. The public is always able to visit for the day with a guest pass.

 Where to Eat

The Hunt Store

The Hunt Store offers the Hunt community just about everything. You can buy your beer, groceries, barbecue, and even do your banking. The Hunt Rock Café at the Hunt Store is the place to get some authentic Texan food. They serve everything from donuts, kolaches, pit bar b-sandwiches, and hamburgers to pizza, salad, and French tacos.

HRC Chicken Fried Steak

Home of Great Music

Dean Dillon

Dean Dillon is originally from Tennessee, but a Texas regular. His music is loved by many Hunt residents. Being one of the first country artists, Dillon is the writer behind some of George Strait’s great songs. In 2002, he received an induction into the Nashville’s Hall of Fame for songwriters. He boasts of a lot of accomplishments and achievements that the Texan residents appreciate. He is, without a doubt, the father of country music.

Charlie Robison

He is the man behind the famous “Good Times” album. Despite his success, Charlie’s career ambition was not always country music. He was actually on his way to becoming a professional football player but suffered a severe injury. Knowing his football career was over, he started doing gigs with local bands and eventually grew into the star he is today.

Stay for the Night

River Inn Resort

This is a great place to enjoy the peace and quiet of Hunt, Texas. The River Inn Resort is independently owned by 60 different condominium owners who give a unique style and taste to each condo. Visitors are always coming here to enjoy the little retreat on the Guadalupe River.

WorldMark Hunt Stablewood Springs

This is an upscale resort that quietly sits in the Edwards Plateau region overlooking the great Guadalupe River Valley. The WorldMark Hunt Stablewood Springs is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, sunsets, and lip-smacking meals. They also have plenty of riverfront access for swimming, kayaking, fishing, and tubing.

Hunt’s Own Superhero: Astronaut Gerry Griffin

Gerry - Apollo 14 HiRes

And what is a town without a hero? Gerry Griffin is everyone’s favorite in Hunt. He left active duty in the Air Force in 1960 and embarked on his space career. He joined NASA in 1964 and worked as a flight controller in Mission Control, specializing in navigation systems during the Gemini Program.

In 1968, he was named the flight director of the legendary Apollo Program which included 9 manned missions out to the moon. Gerry and his team conducted the lunar landings made during Apollo 17, 16, and 14.

His team was also scheduled to conduct the landing of the Apollo 13, but this was canceled as a result of an oxygen tank explosion. As a head of his team, Gerry played a key role in the safe return of the Apollo 13 astronauts. What a hero!

If you are traveling the Hill Country of Texas, then Hunt is a definite stop!