Best Places To Retire In Texas Today

Are you looking for the best places to retire in Texas today?

Located in the south central part of the country, Texas is one of the biggest states in the US. It is also one of the most sought out because of the wonderful sceneries and outdoor family adventures.

Texas has just the right feel for both urban and rural living, and that is one of the reasons why many retirees consider this state a place to spend when they finish their service in their professional work.

If you, too, are considering any of the Texas cities to spend your retirement, this article has featured the best places to retire in Texas today help you find the place that is fit for you according to your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Texas Cities To Retirement In

The state of Texas has beautiful cities and towns that are perfect for every kind of retiree there is. From small to larger cities, urban and suburban, commercialized, and cultural, there are lots of options to go to.

Below is a short list of beautiful Texas towns to live in especially for retirees:

Beautiful Texas Towns To Live In

1. Abilene


If you are a conservative person and prefer being close with your family, Abilene is the place for you. It is a quiet place of family oriented people. The place is also known as the storybook capital of Texas because of the storybook themed downtown.

2. San Antonio

San Antonio

Rated by Amazon as the most romantic city in the USA, San Antonio is a beautiful with many attractions and sceneries to go to and visit. It is also filled with restaurants that serve different types of cuisines. If you want an intimate and relaxing kind of living, then spend our retiring days in San Antonio.

3. Houston


Houston is among the good Texas cities to spend your retirement. It is a large city which offers retirees good amenities to enjoy in science, arts, and sports. It is a city for everybody. You will never get tired of the beautiful culture, food, arts and architecture that this place can give you. In you are in large cities but want to spend on the things that you love, then Houston is the best place for you among a list of beautiful Texas towns to live in.

4. Austin


The state capital is young, edgy, vibrant, and exciting for both the young university-going residents and the growing number of retirees choosing to spend their senior years hereabouts. Austin has a lively music, arts, and culture scene plus a wide variety of outdoor activities for the more active ones.

5. Fredericksburg


Fredericksburg is justly proud of its pioneer heritage, which is celebrated in places like its Pioneer Museum Complex.  For a town of this size, there is an amazing number of landmarks and historic buildings. Since the LBJ Ranch was not far from here, Lyndon Johnson and his family used to attend church here in town.

6. Georgetown


Georgetown is just the exact place for active, outdoorsy retirees, especially for those who like visiting beautiful caves. The outdoors of this small town are begging to be explored – from the Blue Hole Lagoon to Lake Georgetown, to San Gabriel River and Park. There is also a lot of goings-on downtown for those who love some history, art, and cultural learning from the city’s museums to art galleries.

Live In The Best Places To Retire

The places in Texas also have a relatively affordable cost of living, which is why it is a good place to stay, away from stresses.

Before your retirement, decide now on where you want to live in Texas and invest a property there. By then, you will start living a stress-free life in a city that’s full of wonderful sceneries.