Gruene Hall in Texas

Make Your Way to Some of the Best Texas Hill Country Attractions

Very unassuming indeed, the Texas Hill Country, despite its humble façade, is home to treasures of historical importance as well as miracles created and granted by nature to Texas and its tourists. Do not fail to put these Texas Hill Country attractions on your places-to-visit checklist, if you ever find yourself in the warm arms of Central Texas.

Allow them to take your breath away and crave for more sights and watch the Hill Country generously provide you with more, even without you asking for it, given its near limitless natural gifts.

The Frontier Times Museum

Some of the Best Texas Hill Country AttractionsLocated in Bandera, where it is the “best place to be a cowboy”, the scores-old Frontier Times Museum is home to mostly Western historical materials and artifacts.

The museum showcases tens of thousands of Old West relics and antiques, collected together with Native American Indian antiquities, as well as Chinese temple bells which originate from both these races’ ancestors, as both ethnic groups once upon a time inhabited and thrived on the old Texan soil.

Apart from these objets d’art, artworks by local Bandera painters are also on permanent display in the Frontier Times Museum.

The National Museum of the Pacific War

Located in the Fredericksburg strip, the six-acre National Museum of the Pacific War is one of the most prestigious military museums in the entirety of the United States.

The museum uses avant-garde climate-controlled technology to protect and continuously preserve the macro-artifacts, war antiquities and hundreds upon hundreds of photographs of historical and developmental significance that it houses. This prime military museum also carries on its geographical expansion, so that it now accommodates the Plaza of Presidents, the Memorial Courtyard and even the Japanese Garden of Peace.

The Gruene Hall

Gruene Hall in TexasNestled in New Braunfels, the Gruene Hall has been in operation since the late 1800s and continues to be an elegant and sophisticated home of entertainment in Texas. This is one of the most fun Texas Hill Country attractions you have to visit.

It is a dance hall of very wide area and high ceilings with a bar welcoming its guests in the front side, and an outdoor garden of a considerable area that decorates and beautifies its rear side.

The Gruene Hall recognizes, acknowledges and esteems every kind of dance and musical talent of great quality, which is the reason why the events’ location is not only a place of performance for the more established artists, but its doors are also very much wide open for new and upcoming performers.

For centuries, the great pillars of the Gruene Hall and its patrons have witnessed the performance of some of the most renowned artists in the entertainment industry such as Lee Ann Womack, Patty Griffin, Ziggy Marley and The Mavericks, to name a very few of the hundreds more.

The Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

The well-regarded Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is named so because this is where the wondrous pink pure granite Enchanted Rock was pushed upwards gradually, over billions of geological years, until it was formed and sculpted by nature herself into what it is today.

The Enchanted Rock is a favorite to many hikers and rock climbers, not only because it provides for a fairly challenging terrain to tread on, but also because of the beauty and the magnificence with which it naturally and unassumingly presents itself to its spectators.

The Enchanted Rock is home to a large population of rare animal species, especially migrant birds, and of blossoming greeneries that make for a glorious sight to behold for the tourists, that even locals never tire of. This is a must visit of all the Texas Hill country attractions.

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