Fall Festivals in Texas This Weekend

Attending Fall Festivals in Texas and Other Things to Do

Taking a weekend trip to Texas can be a fun experience, especially if you want to take your mind off from the stresses you face at work and at home. It is said that fall festivals in Texas are one of the top 10 things to do in Texas and attending festivals in Texas this weekend can surely add a cherry to the top of your biggest family weekend getaway.

If you’re wondering what’s going on in the state of Texas right now, then looking at their annual state events calendar can help you with planning an unforgettable Texas trip.

Knowing What's Going on in Texas Right Now

Knowing What’s Going on in Texas Right Now

Events such as fairs, shows, bazaars, major music fests, and many others are some of the things happening in the state if you’re wondering what’s going on in Texas right now. Annually, the state releases a list of scheduled events to help tourists craft an unforgettable weekend itinerary to Houston, Dallas, Austin, or any other city in the state which celebrate festivals.

Checking listings of fall festivals in the state of Texas can help you check items off from your top 10 things to do in the state of Texas itinerary.

Top 10 Things to Do in Texas

Attending a festival in Texas is one of the most promoted activities in the state, given that fall festival in Texas attract plenty of tourists from all over the country. In this regard, there are several things you must do in the state of Texas which are worth your time and as a guide, these are:

1. Attending fall festivals in Texas.
2. Hiking along the river.
3. Visiting museums.
4. Visiting the state capitol in Austin.
5. Going to historical sites.
6. Getting in touch with nature.
7. Going to a theater
8. Visiting a state park.
9. Trying out the street food.
10. Going to an orchestra concert.

With this list of things to do in Texas, planning your trip itinerary won’t be a problem, given that these activities are worth your time, effort, and money. If you are planning to go to Texas this Autumn, plan your trip ahead and check the activity calendar the state offers.

Fall Festivals in Texas

People say T.G.I.F. for a reason, and that is to celebrate a weekend free from stress and unwind from work. Every year fall festivals in the state of Texas are celebrated, and if you are planning to attend one, it pays to do it on a weekend to make your weekend getaway unforgettable. Some of the fall festivals in Texas you shouldn’t miss include:

1. Oktoberfest Beer Festival (various cities throughout the state)
2. Texas Rose Festival (Tyler)
3. Autumn Art and Texas Wine Festival (Old Town Spring)
4. Gulf Coast International Boat Regatta (Sugar Land)
5. Book Festival (Austin)

Fall Festivals in Texas This Weekend

Making your Trip Memorable

As they say, the journey to a destination can say a lot if your experience is memorable or not. Why not make it memorable by attending fall festivals in Texas? Festivals in the state of Texas are among the top things you can do which can make you remember your trip for days.

Maximize your visit to the state. Trade memories with others, immortalize them in pictures and videos and make it extra special by making new friends.