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Must-Visit Places in Texas: Experience History, Food & Fun in The Texas Hill Country

One of the most interesting things about visiting a new place is finding out a little bit about its history. This is no different for those who visit the Texas Hill Country. Today we’re going to expand your knowledge about this part of the country. Plus, this wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include some of the must-visit places in Texas that you should check out.

Interesting Facts: The History of Central Texas

When people think about history and Texas, they often think about cowboys and the Alamo. But there’s so much more to Texas and the Texas Hill Country than that. Here are some interesting facts about the Texas Hill Country that you might not have been aware of.




  • We have ancient ghosts: There’s nothing more historic than an old-timey ghost story. There are plenty of them in the Texas Hill Country. The most famous: Devil’s Backbone. This scenic drive is apparently home to a miner’s wife, a wolf spirit, Confederate soldiers, and a Native American cattle herder.


  • The Germans vs. the Spanish: The Germans settled this area of Texas in 1845. However, historical records show that the Spanish tried to conquer the area years before that. Therefore, Hill Country is a historic archeological site.


  • The Lone Star State: Texas started being called the Lone Star State as a reminder to residents here of the struggle their ancestors went through to declare independence from Mexico.

Things to Do in Hill Country Texas: Fun, Nightlife & Entertainment

If you’re looking for things to do in historic Hill Country Texas, here are some exciting must-visit places in Texas.


  • Vaaler Creek Golf Club: According to Golf Advisor, Vaaler Creek Golf Club is one of the highest rated golf courses in the Texas Hill Country. Fans love the rolling greens, the well cared for grounds, and the great food at the pavilion snack bar.


  • Inner Space Cavern: One of the natural wonders of Hill Country in Texas is its caves. One of the most popular caves to visit is the Inner Space Cavern. This is definitely an excursion for the adventuresome crowd, including kids. Inner Space Cavern provides guided tours for the public as well as for classes.


  • Lincoln Street Wine Market: Do you want to experience Texas Hill Country nightlife? Then Lincoln Street Wine Market is one of the definite must-visit places in Texas. Comfortable sophistication is an apt description of this destination. There are outdoor fireplaces on the patio, patrons can light up a cigar from the establishment’s own selection, live music, and meet-and-greets.


  • Lakeway Resort & Spa: Besides comfortable rooms, this resort offers some wonderful spa services. Relaxing is one of the main focuses of a getaway, even if it’s just for a day or a short weekend. Guests can sign up for salt scrubs, a variety of massages, facials, body treatments, and manicure and pedicure services. In addition to spa services, you can get a great meal at the resort’s restaurant; and, of course, see some of the other must-visit places in the Texas Hill Country.


  • Llano Earth Art Festival: This is the perfect event for artists, free-spirits, and the young-at-heart. Artists showcase their art, including making natural sculptures out of rocks. There are workshops, a fun fashion circus, and plenty of vendors.

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