The Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country – What Is It Known For?

Texas is one of the largest and most popular states in the southern US with a population that has influence from German, European and other settlers. While the Texas Hill Country is most accurately defined as a place of grandeur and as the adage goes “Everything’s bigger in Texas”, it definitely has some of the best landscapes, live music scenes, family trip places, hiking trails, hunting places and more. Let us glance through this wonderful state and know some more about it.

The Texas Hill Country

Things You Should Know About The Texas Hill Country:

It is the place of cowboys!

Whenever you think about Texas, you cannot get over an image of a cowboy. You will find many cowboys and cattle herders that sport the 10-gallon hats, cowboy boots and huge belt buckles as a mark of fashion. You will find cowboys all across the Texas Hill Country and most of the times it makes the scene quite fashionable.

It has NASA’s Johnson Space Center

Well, just like the rural or Central Texas is famous for cowboys, the urban areas are famous for the NASA’s very own Johnson Space Center. Houston Texas is a home to the space mission, astronaut training and creating space shuttles. Wow! Not bad at all!! It is a place of space research and you often spot nerds discovering the secrets of the space.

It is a place of live music in Austin!

If you love country music then Central Texas is the place for you to explore. Apart from the best restaurants in Austin, this place has local stores like the Hunt Store that hosts gala musical events. You will get a chance to witness some of the best country music events and musicians when in Hunt, Texas. So, this part of the US definitely quenches your thirst for music.

The best Barbecue restaurants are here!

Without a doubt, all areas of Texas are famous for roasted meat. With varying bbq recipes, these places offer some of the most delicious barbeques in the US. The Central Texas area has many hunting spots so, you can taste all kinds of meat and when you land up at the Hunt Store, you get them grilled in the most appetizing manner. This means that Central Texas is a place for all barbecue lovers.

We can go on and on about the beautiful state of Texas but we leave you to experience this beauty. Find out places to visit with family and friends to put your weekend to good use. If you want to unwind with friends or want to listen to some good live music in Austin then you are most welcome to the Hunt Store. We offer some of the best food, music, and beverages at discounted prices. Rated as the best restaurants in Texas, we are definitely a diner’s delight.

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