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Best Places to Visit In The Texas Hill Country – The Parks!

Nature is worth exploring to witness many of its many miracles and Texas has many natural parks which can be trailed with kids and family. All parks may not be accessible to the general public but many can be visited during favorable times. Some of them also offer picnic areas, wheelchair facilities and kid-friendly trails to ensure excellent family time. Therefore, natural parks are the best places to visit in the Texas Hill Country. Let us glance through some of the popular Natural parks in the Texas Hill Country.

Best Places to Visit In The Texas Hill Country

Natural Parks Are The Best Places To Visit In The Texas Hill Country:

Bastrop State Park: Located on the south-east side of Austin, the Bastrop State Park has some of the most stunning fishing spots, picnic places, camping sites and more. In addition, the entire park has good roads which can be trained in a wheelchair so, you can take elderly members of the family with you. The park has been severely damaged by forest fires but is now pretty good looking places to observe the beauty of nature. Add it to your bucket list when you plan a winter visit to the Texas Hill Country.

The Hornsby Bend Bird Observatory: This is the best place to visit with children and is a paradise for bird watchers. Hornsby Bend is a place where more than 350 varieties of birds are observed and have beautiful trails and lagoons. It is one of the best natural parks in the Texas Hill Country and should not vanish from your bucket list. However, it is best to check out the bird watching time before you plan a visit to this wonderful place.

Old Tunnel State Park: The park gives you the thrill to see thousands of bats coming out of the tunnel. The best time to visit the place is between May and October during which you get to see maximum bats. Depending on the type of viewing area, you need to pay some charge to watch the bats but, it is totally worth it. Those who love the vampire diaries and other fictional spaces should not miss this one of its kind of natural wonder in the Texas Hill Country.

These are the top three natural parks in the Texas Hill Country. You can check them out while on a family trip to Texas. If you are planning Christmas vacation in Texas then visit these natural parks to ensure that your kids and family enjoy the best of nature.

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