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Best Places To Visit In The Texas Hill Country – Check The Scenic Wonders!

If you are fan of natural beauty then you must visit some of the natural splendors of the Texas Hill Country. The place has some hidden treasures in the form of beautiful hills, landscapes, mountains, falls and natural life parks. These can be visited to get a bout full of natural beauty and are perfect destinations for some beautiful photos. Today let us check out some best places to visit in the Texas Hill Country for adventure lovers, scenic beauty, tourists, and families.

Best places to visit in the Texas Hill Country

Best Scenic Places to Visit in the Texas Hill Country:

Hamilton pool – With a view that resembles paradise, this stunning natural swimming pool tucked in Dripping Springs has a lush green trail and eye-pleasing view. You can enjoy a chilling time at the canyon under the 50 feet waterfall. With deep creeks, this place is best for water babies and is considered as one of the best places to visit in the Texas Hill Country.

Gorman Falls – Considered as a living waterfall that grows bigger with every passing year, the Gorman falls is another natural wonder of the Texas Hill Country. The dog-friendly natural place is 3 miles in round-trip and has become 650 wide and 60 feet thick in a million years of time. It has unseen underwater plants and the place is allowed to visit only on foot to preserve the Travertine rocks around it. You can hike around the place with kids as it is safe and one of the best places to visit in the Texas Hill Country.

Gardner State Park – Again, famous for its natural life and a wide range of activities, this park is loved by tourists from around the globe. There are 11 scenic trails to be enjoyed hiking in this park and kids can love dancing as well. There are many camping grounds around the park and you can have a great family time in one of this one of the best places to visit in the Texas Hill Country.

These are the top three naturally beautiful places to consider while on the visit to The Texas Hill Country. There are plenty more and can be checked as per the interest of the kids and family members.

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