Places You Didn’t Know Existed In The Texas Hill Country – Must Visit!!

The Texas Hill Country looks like a place of fairies and unicorns with all its natural beauty and splendor. The eye-pleasing destination can be the best vacation holiday you dreamt about. With pristine lakes, rocky mountains, mystical caverns, large waterfalls, clear lagoons, beautiful canyons and more, this place has lots of hidden natural treasures that need to be explored. If you are a nature lover then the Texas Hill Country is your paradise.

Places You Didn’t Know Existed In The Texas Hill Country – Must Visit!!


Medina River – A place for kayaking

The 116-mile long river with cedar, live oak and limestone making the sidelining, this place attracts the kayakers with all its might. The clear waters of the river allow you to watch the underwater aquatic life and present a picturesque, quiet scene that stays in the memory for long.

Krause Springs 

Away from the crowd of city and jungle, this man-made place spread across 115 acres has 32 springs, waterfalls, spring-fed pools and natural water pools to its credit. One of the most gripping places in the Texas Hill Country; this is a man-made heaven that gives you all comforts amidst the ethereal-looking place. You can have a happy time with family if you love to rest around water and enjoy a cool beer.

Lost Maples – to witness foliage coloration

For all those who love the changing color of fall leaves, Lost Maples is the place to be. The wonderful place near Central Texas where you can witness foliage changing colors is the best place for hiking in Texas. You will find the oxidized, gold and green-hued acres of land that welcomes hikers with open arms. It is best to visit this place during the time between mid-October and mid-November.


Jacob’s Well – an enthralling place for water lovers

This is the longest underwater cave in Texas and is pretty dangerous too. Only allowed to seasoned cave divers, this mile-long cave path has caves up to 140 feet deep. It gives you the complete thrill of diving and often takes your breath away (pun intended). If you wonder what can a novice diver do here then rest assured as there are smaller 12-foot swimming holes which you can try. In fact, they are the best to start with and then gradually shift towards deeper swimming holes during your future visits to the Jacob’s Well.

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